April 19, 2014

Grand Mosque and Sand Village at Night

The Grand Mosque
Guest Writer-Mom P.

Visiting Kuwait would not be complete without touring The Grand Mosque.  One can not enter without wearing a Hijab and Abaya.  Here I am dressed and relaxing...Arab style.

We had an excellant guide who took much time in explaining all of the aspects this beautifully crafted place of Muslim worship.  This is the Grand Prayer Room.  It can hold thousands of praying muslim men.  They stand or bow shoulder to shoulder in order to keep the devil out of their prayers.  The call to prayer can be heard 5 times each day.  This mosque is in the center of Kuwait City.  Every neighborhood had its own mosque.  The Grand Mosque is only filled to capacity during Ramadan, which is the holiest of times for Muslims. 
 I'm glad I serve a God who hears our prayers anywhere…anytime.
Hand crafted mosaic and calligraphy from the Koran is the only form of decor in the Mosque.
Lining the outside walkways are stain glass lights from Syria.
Walking to the Prayer Room for women.  Men and women pray in separate rooms in the Muslim culture.
Heather and I went to a Sand Castle Exhibit that evening.  You might remember some of these same pictures when Heather's parents visited.  This place was amazing.  Sculptors from around the world came to be a part of this.  We enjoyed a colorful, cultural evening of watching people and looking at pieces of art made from sand.

April 16, 2014

Wild Things

On Monday, we went to the zoo. It was a cloudy day, and not very hot. The zoo was practically empty, so we had free reign of the open space!
We are lucky to have the zoo so close to our house, and the boys had fun showing grandma their favorite animals.
Our zoo is special - how many zoos can you reach your hand through the fence to pet a leopard? The leopard was sleeping when we were passing by. The security guard really wanted him to wake up, so in went his hand to wake up the leopard! Nathan also thought it would be fun to pet the leopard through the fence too.  
I like this sweet picture of Caleb and daddy….with all 10 fingers ;).
There are some pretty flowers in bloom.
Our neighbors joined us at the zoo too. Caleb and Andrew are close in age, and they had fun running around the open spaces together.
One of the boys favorite things to do at the zoo is to ride the train.
We had a fun morning, and were glad we could show Grandma Betty our zoo!
That afternoon, they dyed Easter eggs outside.
Grandma said it was an eventful afternoon, and Tes took lots of pictures to document the fun.
And everyone had colorful hands when we got home, to show off their work.
The eggs turned out really nice, and they decorated them with stickers the next day.
And there was more fun! Grandma brought gummy bears and popsicle molds, to make gummy bear and sprite popsicles. Our neighbor, Andrew came over the next day to play, and the boys enjoyed the popsicles in the heat of the day!
There have been lots of pool playing in the yard, and park outings together.
We are all having a great time with Grandma Betty!

April 13, 2014

Spring Break

Grandma Betty is visiting us during her spring break. We also found out a few days ago that Caleb will be on spring break this week to, so timing worked out perfectly! They are having a lots of fun. Today there was some swimming, Easter sticker decorating, and bubble blowing while Nathan and I were at work.
After work, we went to one our favorite parks and played for a while.
I love these sweet pictures with Ben ;).
The boys had fun climbing and running around.
We told the boys we would eat dinner and McDonalds, and Ben kept running towards the golden arches. It was a healthy dinner finished off with cookies and ice cream when we got home!