February 19, 2017

More Love

Happy Valentine's Day! The boys and hubby made me sweet cards and a bouquet of flowers.

The boys had a fun day at school and got a few valentines from friends and made heart crafts.
Benjamin made us a cute card at school :)
Look at this little ninja :)
Another night this week, we had an office party…we have 10 people in our office…and 4 kids were missing that night! Actually, 5 because Caleb hid for the picture. Between us 10 (but we are the married couple in the office), we have 27 kids!
This was just some of the shoes and jackets…there were other piles scattered.
One of our officemate's wife works at an Islamic school, and she started covering her head once a week out of respect. She was kind enough to bring her materials to teach me how to wrap my head in this style. I don't wrap my head here, but thought it would be fun to learn this style…there are so many!
These two…Benjamin and Mary….saving these pictures for their wedding. These little ones are two peas in a pod in school and anytime they get together. It is going to be sad when their family leaves Jordan in the next few months :(.
And Caleb and Sean are best buds too!

My little triceratops babies one morning :)
Happy boys one day on the way back from playing at the park.
Did I tell you that Caleb reads Japanese? Thanks for the Chinese magazines from the airplane dad and mom, haha!
That's our week :)

February 12, 2017

Feeling the love :)

As much as I want to blog more, weekly posts are working best now, so here you go! The boys were curious about how to make fire, so we explained that you can take 2 rocks and rub them together and use leaves as kindling. This is what I walked out to the next morning by our front gate. A bunch of rock/leave sandwiches!
Our grocery store recently got greek yogurt...and it's the same price as the other yogurt! I've been making greek yogurt for the past probably half year with a strainer. It's been good, but not as good as this! Super excited...it's the little things ;).
Tes helped the boys make us sweet Valentine's day cards. They are proudly on display our kitchen door :).
The other morning I was out running in our neighborhood and saw a flock of sheep and his shepherd. Look closely in the middle and to the left.
Our friends hosted a Valentine's Day craft party this weekend. We have a nice group of friends with kids our kids age. It's fun to get together.
Caleb showing off his heart necklace and decorated cookie.
Another day, I took pictures of our friend's daughter on her 1st birthday. She was a tough customer on the smiles, but so sweet and easy going! 

Sweet boy before bed last night.
Happy Monday!

February 4, 2017

Inside Outside

Our weather this past week went from freezing to amazing! Last weekend there were threats of snow and the city pretty much shut down. We were hoping to wake up to snow on Saturday, but the only snow we found was inside of some plants. We had a fair bit of hail and sleet throughout the weekend, but that's it! A couple of hours south got a lot of snow, but not us. So, we stayed inside and had some fun. We have some kids science kits and Benjamin and I made a robot with glowing LED lights, using copper tape, LEDs, resisters, and a battery. He did a great job and was so proud that it worked!
 Caleb is doing so well following directions to make lego sets. He made Benjamin's race car and then moved onto his lego chima set.
 Benjamin loves to help with anything we are doing. This past week he took an interest into helping with dishes. I washed and he rinsed...why not!
 Yesterday was a beautiful day, so we played outside and then took the boys for Chinese food at one of our favorite restaurants, and then tried a new ice cream place. They make the ice cream from scratch right in front of you, and they use dry ice. In between the boys is the smoke from ice and kitchen aide mixer making the goodies. They were fascinated!
 Cookie dough ice cream for Benjamin and strawberry for Caleb.
 Yes, it was good...and all gone!
 The boys love Twix, and Caleb likes to find her when she is not around. When he finds her, he likes to see give her kisses and get her to kiss him back. This weekend, she turned into his special leopard kitty.
 Today was a gorgeous day. After my run and Nathan's walk, we went to the Embassy to play with some friends. Benjamin and his friend Eve, pushing her little sister on the swings.
 We brought Watson and Clover to the park with us, and there were a couple of others when we arrived. They had fun playing and having a PB&J picnic. Loving the nice weather lately!
Happy Saturday!

January 28, 2017

Chilly Here and There

The last couple of weeks have been more chilly and cloudy than usual. Nov - January is typically the rainy season, but this year we have not gotten much rain, until the past few days. Here are pictures of the cloudy skies this past week. This is a lookout (aka rock throwing hill) right around the corner from where we live. If you look at the specs at the bottom, those are a bunch of sheep with their shepherd. One of the sights I love seeing around here:).
We went to a birthday party last weekend and it was a crazy hair trolls theme. Benjamin got his hair done, but none of the other boys wanted to, only the girls!
 This was a nice clear day that I took the morning off with the boys and we walked to a park close to our house. Caleb has mastered the fire pole.
 And Benjamin can now do it too!
This slide is crazy. You can't tell but it's bumpy,  has low sides, and is super fast.
 We took a day off work while the boys were still on break this week, and went to the Dead Sea for a night. Caleb said he was going to get in the sea with me, but it was too cold and windy, and we both passed!

 Love this picture :)
But it was not too cold for the boys to swim in the pool the first day! Notice, nobody else was in the pool!



 The boys like the hot tub too...though it was not hot enough for Nathan and I to get in!
 The boys took a liking to Leila, the pool cat. There were several stray cats around the pool area, but this was their favorite and she enjoyed the attention.
 At night, we we got ice cream and walked around for a bit.
If you wondered it if rains at the Dead Sea, the answer is yes! That's what we woke up to the next morning. The rain cleared, but it was chilly and windy so no swimming the second day. Despite the weather, we still had a fun time at the sea, and are thankful its so close to where we live.
 Last night we awaited a snowfall...that turned out to be sleet, hail, and mostly rain. It looks like a small amount fell, from what I could see on the trees. So, of course, the grocery store was packed last night and many places are closed today in anticipation of the yucky weather! So, we will enjoy a day inside today and maybe church this evening. Happy Saturday!