May 27, 2016

Kids galore!

On Wednesday it was Jordanian Independence Day, so we had the day off. We met up with a few friends for a playground playdate, and then had a pizza party picnic at our house. All the kids waiting patiently for the pizza :).
Here it is!
A couple of the girls stayed at our house to watch a movie afterwards.
 Later that afternoon, Nathan came home with a huge bag of lava rocks......
 Because we got new grass! Nathan did a little landscaping and the boys were his helpers, and it looks great. He likes to do work in the yard and is now scoping out a place in the back to build a clubhouse for the boys
We have lots of flowers blooming still, and I like cutting fresh flowers and herbs for decoration in the kitchen.
Today Caleb and I played with more friends, then went to one of their houses to pick apricots. They have 3 huge apricot trees ,and we filled a couple of bags to go. 
Benjamin has a tummy bug that is going around, so he and Nathan stayed home to work on a couple of projects around the house. He seems to be on the mend, and heres to hoping we stay healthy. Nathan hung their school pictures above their dressers. They look great. Excuse the flash, Benjamin is napping and the room was dark.
Happy blog will continue the Pacific NW series :).

May 22, 2016

Sports Day and Birthday Parties

It's been a fun past few days. Late last week, Benjamin's class had Sports Day at school, Caleb had a birthday party this weekend and Sports Day today. First is Benjamin's sports day videos. I went alone so I took lots of videos for Nathan. Benjamin was on the blue team and it was fun to watch all the kids. Benjamin was last in line to go for each activity, and he was such a good sport and had lots of fun!


 Benjamin and one of his BFFs Mary Claire...true love!
 On Thursday evening, Caleb was invited to a friend for class's birthday, and it was held at the school. the kids ran around on the playground, played games, enjoyed good food, cake, and a piƱata!
 And today was Caleb's sports day. I don't have as many videos because Nathan came today, and was a good sport being only 1 of 2 dads there :). Caleb was on the red team with a couple of his good friends in class, Leila and Tank. They did different activities than Benjamin's class, except for the parachute, and everyone had a good time!


 Afterwards, there was a breakfast, everyone brought in food. I had to use the bathroom, and I think this is the smallest toilet I ever used (as an adult)! See the scale to the small trashcan. It was a fun few days with the boys!

May 14, 2016

Back to Jordan

We are so thankful for the time we had to visit with family and friends, and to enjoy some America. It was such a wonderful and relaxing time, and now it is good to be back in  Jordan. Everything went smoothly on the way back, despite the 2.5 hour security lines in Chicago, and we are thankful for good little traveling boys. Tes had a wonderful visit with her family in the Philippines, and we enjoyed seeing pictures of her family and home. And she surprised us with some Philippine mangos that she knows we love. The ones on the left are from her tree at home and we can't wait until they ripen!
For now, getting settled back in and on schedule (we all woke up at noon yesterday and I'm the only one up at 9:30am now). Back to work and maybe school, tomorrow.

And time to catch up on the blog too, stay tuned!

April 28, 2016

Pacific Northwest part 1: Whale Watching with Cousins!

The next stop on our trip was Anacortes, WA to visit the Bobrowskis. They came to visit us a few months ago in Jordan, and it was so much fun to get up to their neck of the woods and reunite the cousins again. We arrived late in the evening and enjoyed tim relaxing and catching up. And the next morning we went whale watching! We took a ferry to Friday Harbor on San Juan Island, ate a quick lunch, then hopped on a boat for several hours. 
Getting ready to board the boat.
It was chilly and windy on the water, but the kiddos loved being right out front.
The scenery was beautiful. We cruised around for about an hour and a half well into Canadian waters, and then....
We found the orca killer whales. There were a couple of resident orca pods in the area, and the naturalist was naming them individually, it was amazing...they all looked the same to me :). This is a male orca, whose dorsal fin is about 6 feet tall.
If I saw this in the water, I would have though shark for sure!
The whales got pretty close to our boat, and we even caught a couple of rolls, tail flips, and what they call spy hops when the whale sticks their head out of the water to check out their surroundings.
Look how close to shore they were.
Caleb really loved being on deck during the day, and looking through Michael's binoculars. Benjamin was awake on the ride out, and crashed for a 3 hour nap right before we got to the whales. Something about the waves and humming boat motor to keep a little boy sleeping.
On our way back to shore, the naturalist spotted a few humpback whales. We were told they are as long as a school bus and weigh 45 tons. Their tongue alone weighs 1 ton! They can hold their breath for much longer underwater than orcas.
 Their tails can span 15 feet long!
We also saw a bald eagle.
And  lots of sea lions!
These were called Stellar sea lions. They were very active and fun to watch.

It was a really fun day had by all!

April 26, 2016

106, Sunsets, and See you soon!

It is very special to share a birthday with my mom. And for the first time in 19 years, my mom and I were together to celebrate our combined 106th birthday! It was a fun day starting with a morning hike with Nathan, beach with the family, mani/pedi with mom, and dinner with everyone. 
Thankfully there was not 106 candles on the cake. It may have been a slight fire hazard :).
The next day it was sad to say see you next time. I am so thankful for the time we got to spend with my parents,  and we loved getting to see their new home and getting to visit their favorite spots all around the island. The natural beauty of this place was amazing, and I will say I have never seen so many rainbows as I did here. This is one Nathan and I saw right before sunset one night that looks like it went right through Diamond Head.
And if you know me, you know I love sunsets. So, here are lots of sunset pictures :)
We love you very much dad and mom, and look forward to visiting again sometime!

April 25, 2016

Hanauma Bay Snorkeling

Another day we went snorkeling at Hanauma Bay. We got there early in the morning to beat the crowds, and enjoyed a few hours at the beach.

It was so beautiful, and right off of the shore you could see lots of fish and reef life. Nathan and I snorkeled for a while, and the boys had fun playing in the water and digging sand castles with grandpa and grandma.
Another fun day in the sun!