May 18, 2018

Caleb's Spring Concert

A couple of weeks ago, Caleb had a spring concert at school. They sang one song with all the kindergarteners, one as a class, and and one with the entire school. The new school theater is HUGE and it's so impressive to see the kids courage to perform on stage.

Here is the entire kindergarten singing Springtime Sunshine :)

 Next, their class sang I lost my kazoo. Caleb was excited to be one of the kids playing the kazoo during the song.

And the finale of the kindergarten, first, and second graders singing A Lovely Day
The kids did a great job and it was a fun morning!

May 13, 2018

Aqaba Red Sea Fun

Last week, our family took a trip to Aqaba to relax on the beach for a few days. The weather was warm and water felt great! All was good until Benjamin walked up to me holding a jellyfish in his hands and I freaked out. Going down to the water, we saw it was infested with them...but after a talk with the lifeguard and some trusty internet research, I believed him that they were harmless, and explained to the boys that most jellyfish sting, so don't assume they are ok to touch. Needless to say, the boys spent most of their time catching and throwing jellyfish! 
After a day on the beach, we ventured into town for dinner at a delicious Chinese restaurant. Along the way, there were murals on the walls and the boys wanted their picture in front of many of them :).
This is the finish line for the Dead2Red race that I did last year. It was fun to show the boys where it started by the Dead Sea and finished in Aqaba.
Next morning on the quiet beach before breakfast.
After breakfast, we took a glass bottom boat ride/snorkeling trip for a couple of hours. It was not busy, so we had the entire boat to ourselves!

Our nice captain Sultan. He didn't speak much English, so it was good practice for me and I think we did ok :).

Check out all the jellyfish!
Mountainous landscape
This boat was anchored in the middle of the sea our entire time in Aqaba.
Boys looking out into the Golan Heights in Egypt.
Nathan and the boys getting ready for some snorkeling.

Caleb went first
Then Benjamin's turn was next.
Nathan said the water was very clear.

Look at daddy under the glass bottom boat!

Nathan caught them some jellyfish!
Love my big boys ;)

Benjamin safely driving us back to shore.
Caleb wanted to go fast. Sultan was so patient and kind with the boys!
On the way back, we saw a sunken ship from the Jordan - Israeli war, then took a peek at King Abduallah II's Aqaba Palace.

This was the hotel where we stayed.
At the end of each day, we got in a little pool time. Only one pool was heated, but that didn't seem to bother the boys too much. Note we are sitting out :).
The last day, they decided to catch as many jellyfish as they can in their buckets and throw them back in the water. We also build some sandcastles/jellyfish holding pens...these poor creatures!
Jellyfish shoulder pads anyone?

It was a really fun trip and we were glad for the few days away as a family! Until next time ;)

May 5, 2018

Easter 2018

This is really belated, but wanted to share about our Easter here in Jordan. The American and Jordanian Easter holidays were one week apart this year, and this year we celebrated on the Jordanian Easter because that is when our church observes. The weeks leading up to Easter, we read the Easter story, and colored eggs.
The week before Easter, the Embassy had an egg hunt for the kids and a delicious brunch afterwards.
In  typical fashion, Benjamin wanted to take a picture with the Easter bunny, and Caleb wanted to have nothing to do with him!
On the Jordanian Easter, our church does baptisms at the Jordan River. We have been away on Easter the last couple of years, so we were happy to be able to be there this year. 
The baptism location is down the river from where you go as a tourist. It's across from the new Russian Orthodox church.
It was extra special because a couple of our friends' children were baptized. We started the service with worship music.
The people being baptized professing their faith in Jesus Christ.
Our friends' children being baptized, Scarlett and Ali. Everyone shared an individual testimony, then went down to the river.
Scarlett being baptized by her dad/our Pastor Greg.

Ali being baptized.
Closing worship music.
After the service, we had fellowship by the river and enjoyed some snacks to celebrate the occasion.
One of the ladies made a cake of the Empty Tomb.
The kids enjoyed playing with the muddy rocks and building ancient cities by the river.
Getting cleaned up in the muddy waters.
It is truly amazing that Jesus was baptized in these waters so long ago, and to witness others give their lives to Him. I am thankful for the sacrifices He made for us long, long ago. Our Savior is not dead, He is risen!